Spotlight Series June 2024: Celebrating Our Clients' Businesses

Spotlight Series June 2024: Celebrating Our Clients' Businesses

Welcome to our June edition of Featured North Texas Business of the Month, where we highlight exceptional local businesses that are making a difference in our community. This month, we're excited to introduce you to Heart Vision by Cindy Lee, a multifaceted therapy and coaching practice dedicated to helping individuals live life by design. Cindy Lee, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, life coach, spiritual director, and creative coach, has a passion for guiding people toward a healed, inspired, and evolved life.

Living Life by Design

At Heart Vision, Cindy Lee helps people experience an abundant life through her unique blend of professional expertise and personal touch. She believes that everyone has the potential to transform their life and create new, grander possibilities. With her innovative program, Heart Vision, Cindy teaches clients to clear their heart space, heal their hearts, create a grander vision for their lives, and align with their soul's requests.

Meet Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee is a highly accomplished therapist with a master's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she graduated with the highest honors. She has extensive experience in mental health, having helped thousands of clients restore their well-being. Her professional journey includes roles such as Director of Operations for a Group Private Practice and Director of an Intensive Psychiatric Outpatient Program. Currently affiliated with LifeStance Health, Cindy is trained in various therapeutic modalities, including CBT, EMDR, and Solution Focused Therapy. Her approach integrates expressive therapies like meditation, music, writing, and art, embodying a holistic MindBodySpirit philosophy.

Services Offered

  1. Therapy: Cindy offers therapeutic services designed to restore mental health and well-being. Utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities, she provides personalized care to help clients navigate life's challenges and heal from within.

  2. Life Coaching: Unlike psychotherapy, life coaching with Cindy focuses on setting and achieving goals. Whether you're balancing career and family demands or facing unexpected life events, Cindy will help you articulate your goals, overcome obstacles, and forge a clear path to success. Reignite your passions and start dreaming again!

  3. Spiritual Direction: As a trained Spiritual Director, Cindy will accompany you on your journey of grace, truth, and love. With extensive training in contemplative prayer and spiritual exercises, she will be your companion as you explore the mystery of God and come to know yourself more fully.

  4. Creative Coaching: With a professional painting career since 1993 and numerous awards, Cindy offers creative coaching, classes, and workshops. She will help you connect with your inner artist, remove limiting beliefs, and guide you through creative exploration. Embrace your creativity and let it flourish under Cindy’s expert guidance.

Heart Vision: Transform Your Life with Four Basic Steps

Cindy Lee’s groundbreaking program, Heart Vision, is at the core of her practice. This program teaches clients to:

  1. Clear Your Heart Space: Eliminate limiting beliefs to free yourself from negativity and self-doubt. Learn to neutralize toxic thoughts and embrace positivity.

  2. Heal Your Heart Through Nurturance: Discover the power of self-love and nurture your inner self. Learn to travel inward for rest, renewal, and rediscovery.

  3. Create A Grander Vision: Start dreaming again and envision a new path filled with imagination, innovation, and inspiration.

  4. Align With Your Soul's Request: Listen to the light of your soul and build a solid plan to manifest your goals and dreams. Align your actions with your unique destiny.

Experience Heart Vision

Whether you're seeking therapy, life coaching, spiritual direction, or creative coaching, Cindy Lee at Heart Vision offers a compassionate, personalized approach to help you achieve an abundant life. She teaches from the heart, encouraging clients to view challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation.

For more information or to schedule a session with Cindy Lee, visit her website at Heart Vision by Cindy Lee.

Transform your life today with Heart Vision and embrace the journey towards a healed, inspired, and evolved you.

We're proud to share North Texas businesses like Heart Vision and eagerly anticipate featuring more of our clients' enterprises in the months ahead. If you're a small business owner interested in being showcased in our monthly spotlight, don't hesitate to reach out – we're here to amplify your success!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of entrepreneurship and creativity. Let's uplift and celebrate our vibrant community of North Texas small businesses together! 

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